Калькулятор Половины Дня Рождения

Введите дату своего рождения, чтобы узнать, когда наступит ваш следующий половинный день рождения и сколько дней осталось.

Выберите Дату Рождения

Our half birthday calculator will calculate the exact date when you are 6 months older than your actual birthday. In addition, it allows you to calculate the birthday in the 1st quarter (3 months from the actual birthday) and the birthday in the 3rd quarter (3 months from the half birthday).

Using our half birthday calculator is easy and requires a few steps:

  1. Enter your birthday
  2. Click "Calculate"
  3. Get your HB (Half Birthday) and associated days and dates.

How to Calculate Half Birthday?

Here are the methods that help you calculate your actual half birthday:

Method 1:

Take your birthday date and add six months to it.


If you were born on January 23rd, then your half birthday is on July 23rd.

Method 2:

Add 182,625 days to your date of birth. Consider 183 days in each leap year.


Number of days in a year = 365.5 (Gregorian calendar).

So what is half of 365? Let's solve this first!

365.25/2 = 182.625 days


Given that your date of birth is again January 23, 2024, your half birthday is Wednesday, July 24, 2024.

Method 3:

Calculate half birthday and remaining days online. Simply add the values ​​to our half birthday calculator and it can do the calculations efficiently.

Half Birthday Table:

This table helps determine your half birthdays for some common dates:

Birthday Half birthday
January. 01 July 07
February 02 August 08
March 03 September 09
April 04 October 10
May 05 November eleven
June 06 December 12
July 07 January. 01
August 08 February 02
September 09 March 03
October 10 April 04
November eleven May 05
December 12 June 06


  • The results provided by this calculator depend on the data provided. So, entering the wrong date may prevent the tool from giving you accurate results.
  • If your birthday falls on a leap year, the calculator may not give accurate answers due to the different number of days in a leap year.
  • Our tool does not take into account your time of birth and therefore only gives you an approximate date of your half birthday.

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