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Answer questions in the biological test questions and get to know what is your biological age relative to chronological age.

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Medical Aspects

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Calculating biological age can be valuable for identifying areas of concern that may require medical attention. Biologically aging most probably shows a more comprehensive and accurate picture of a person’s health & even the aging process as compared to the chronological age alone.

What is My Biological Age?

Biological age is the number at which the body degenerates and the entropy of the body tissues. Biological age depends upon factors like anxiety level, sleeping hours, activity level, and heredity. The biological age test will estimate the body’s real age, it examines how well or poorly a body is functioning relative to the actual calendar age.


It is a study of behaviors and the environment can cause changes and affect the way genes work. Epigenetic changes are reversible and do not change the DNA sequence, they can change how the body translates DNA sequence. 

Epigenetic mechanisms include cancers of almost all types, cognitive dysfunction, and respiratory, cardiovascular, reproductive, autoimmune, and neurobehavioral illnesses. (Bob Weinhold, April 2006)

How Can I Calculate My Biological Age?

The best way to know accurate assessment in studying epigenetic data. It is how behaviors and environment influence genetic makeup over generations. Epigenetic data tests are conducted with saliva, blood, or other tissue.  The biological age presents easy queries to estimate the physiological and chronological ages of respondent 

What is Your Biological Age Quiz?

The factors for the biological age are and the biological age quiz is conducted based on these factors 

  • Personal Ascepts
  • Heart Diseases
  • Medical Aspects
  • Medical aspects (Only for Women)
  • Nutrition
  • Psychological aspects
  • Security
  • Current Age

How to Calculate Body Age?

You can check your body age with this biological age calculator and add 1 year to the chronological age if the BMI is under 18.5 for the underweight. Add 2 if it is between 25-29.9 and 3 years if it is more than 30. Subtract 1 year if BMI is between 18.5 and 25.

Body age calculation and your biological age test is done based on the following factors:

  • Testing Physical Conditioning
  • Find  Resting Pulse Rate
  • Test Flexibility
  • Test Strength 
  • Measuring Body Composition
  • Determine your Waist-to-Hip Ratio
  • Calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • Do a body fat analysis.
  • Calculate your nightly sleep