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Answer questions in the biological test questions and get to know what is your biological age relative to chronological age.

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The biological age calculator helps to estimate an individual's biological age and predicts their life expectancy by considering physiological markers, lifestyle factors, and health metrics. The tool covers all these parameters as quiz sections that you need to answer and get your biological age estimation.

The body health calculation can be valuable for identifying areas of concern that require medical attention. Most probably, biological aging shows a precise picture of a person’s health & even the aging process as compared to chronological age.

What Is My Biological Age?

“Biological age is the measure of how well a person’s body and mental condition functions as compared to the calendar age”

It takes into account all the aspects of your health including stress, sleep, nutrition, and your social life which are considered more than the number of years you have been alive.

Why You Need To Know Your Body Age?

Body age is the measure of health span. Rapid agers can have an experience of faster functional decay. The threat of lifestyle diseases puts us all at risk, impacting individuals in various ways.

Calculate your body's age to determine whether you’re aging gracefully or feeling the effects of a hectic lifestyle.


It is the study that explores how behavior and environmental factors can impact gene activities. In the determination of the biological age, it plays a crucial role.

Epigenetic changes are reversible and do not change the DNA sequence, they can change how the body translates DNA sequence. These changes can impact how genes are turned on or off, and also affect the biological aging process.

Different studies have indicated that epigenetic changes have been observed over time and contribute to cancers of almost all types, cognitive dysfunction, respiratory, cardiovascular, reproductive, autoimmune, and neurobehavioral illnesses. (Source: Bob Weinhold, April 2006)

How Can I Calculate My Biological Age?

The best and new way to assess the biological age is an epigenetic clock, sometimes called the DNA methylation test.

It is a type of assessment that looks at DNA to understand how well the body is aging in contrast to its chronological age. This test is best proven in the clinical setting for both healthy and unhealthy tissues and is conducted through the saliva, blood, or other tissues. 

Many individuals looking for motivation to adopt healthier lifestyles may use the online biological age calculator to track their progress. To calculate biological age:

  • If the score suggests healthier lifestyle habits, the health age may be lower than the actual age.
  • If the score suggests poor health choices, the biological age may be higher than the real age.

How Is Body Age Calculated Manually?

Calculating the body's age can be a way to determine whether or not you’re living a healthy life. 

  • Add 1 to the actual age if BMI is under 18.5
  • Subtract 1, if BMI is between 18.5 and 25.
  • Add 2, if BMI is between 25 - 29.9
  • Add 3, years if BMI is more than 30

How To Improve Biological Age?

The following precautions can help you improve your biological age:

  • Healthy Diet
  • Regular Exercise
  • Quality Sleep
  • Stress Management
  • Maintain Healthy Weight
  • Avoid Harmful Habits
  • Stay Socially Connected
  • Regular Health Check-ups

(For more information on this, visit 8 heart-healthy habits may slow biological aging by up to 6 years)