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The tool calculates your age according to the Korean age reckoning system.

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Use our Korean age calculator to determine your age according to the Korean age system. This system means that your age in Korea will be one or two years more than American age (Western or International age).

It adds one year to a person’s age at the start of each calendar year, regardless of the actual birthdate.

What Is Korean Age System?

It is a way South Koreans calculate their age. According to it, a baby is already 1 year old at the time of birth and his/her age increases on January 1st of every year rather than traditional birthday. This is because Koreans examine pregnancy months (Gestational Period) as 1 year of age.

Your Korean age will be one or a couple of years more than your actual age.

Korean Age Vs American Age (Example):

For example; If your Korean age is 22 (스물두 살, pronounced as “seu-mul-du sal”), your International age might be either 21 (스물한 살, pronounced as “seu-mul-han sal”) or 20 (스무 살, pronounced as “seu-mu sal”).

People in North Korea also consider this aging system because both countries have identical social, legal, and cultural norms. However, the practice is supported in South Korea only on a wider scale.

In Korea, a Child Becomes 1 Year Older on January 1st:

Where American age tells the number of years, months, or days a child has lived, Korean age tells the years, months, or days a child has experienced.

Based on this fact, if a child is born on December 31, 2023, he/she will be already 1 year old. On the very next day (January 01, 2024), his/her age will become 2 years.

Remember that the Korean age is just a cultural practice and it is not used for official purposes, including Birth Certificates, Passports, Identity Cards, Educational Documents, etc. For these documents, every Korean will use his/her International age.

How To Calculate Korean Age?

Look at the answer provided by Google from Omni’s content

If you want to calculate your Korean age, consider the following formulas:

  • Korean age based on the current DOB:

Add 1 to the current year, then subtract the year of your birth, and you will get your Korean age.

Korean age = ( Current Birthdate - Year of birth ) + 1

  • Korean age if your birthday has passed:

If your birthday has passed then add 1 to your current age:

Korean age = your age + 1

  • Korean age if your birthday has not passed:

If your birthday hasn't passed yet, then you can add 2 to your current age:

Korean age = your age + 2

How To Use The Korean Age Calculator?

If you choose the year of birth then:

  • Enter the current year & birth year

If you select the current age, then:

  • Set the option for - Has your birthday passed?
  • Enter Your current age

Once you are done with inputs, click ‘Calculate

Why Is The Korean Age Important?

In South Korea, people consider the time spent in the womb as a complete year. This is why when a child is born there, he/she is already a year old. Even if you travel to Korea, you become one or two years old. But this does not mean your actual age also increases.

This traditional age counting system is considered in social settings and in workplaces where age hierarchies are very significant.

Korean Ages of Other BTS Members:

The following table helps you to figure out the accurate Korean ages of BTS members with their birth dates known.


Date of Birth

Kim Namjoon

September 12, 1994

Min Yoongi

March 9, 1993

Jung Hoseok

February 18, 1994

Kim Taehyung

December 30, 1995

Park Jimin

October 13, 1995

Kim Seokjin

December 4, 1992

Based on these Korean ages, you can estimate their American age by subtracting one or two years. Once done, you can enter the age in our other birthday calculator, which particularly estimates DOB based on actual age.

How To Say Your Korean Age In 2024:

The following Korean age chart will help you know how to pronounce your age in Korea.

Birth On Age Korean Romanization
2023 1 year old 두 살 han sal
2022 2 year old 세 살 du sal
2021 3 year old 네 살 se sal
2020 4 year old 다섯 살 ne sal
2019 5 year old 여섯 살 da-seot sal
2018 6 year old 일곱 살 yeo-seot sal
2017 7 year old 여덟 살 il-gop sal
2016 8 year old 아홉 살 yeo-dul sal
2015 9 year old 열 살 a-hop sal
2014 10 year old 열한 살 yeol sal
2013 11 year old 열두 살 yeol-han sal
2012 12 year old 열세 살 yeol-du sal
2011 13 year old 열네 살 yeol-se sal
2010 14 year old 열다섯 살 yeol-ne sal
2009 15 year old 열여섯 살 yeol-da-seot sal
2008 16 year old 열일곱 살 yeol-yeo-seot sal
2007 17 year old 열여덟 살 yeol-il-gop sal
2006 18 year old 열아홉 살 yeol-yeo-dul sal
2005 19 year old 스무 살 yeol-a-hop sal
2004 20 year old 스물한 살 seu-mu sal
2003 21 year old 스물두 살 seu-mul-han sal
2002 22 year old 스물세 살 seu-mul-du sal
2001 23 year old 스물네 살 seu-mul-se sal
2000 24 year old 스물다섯 살 seu-mul-ne sal
1999 25 year old 스물여섯 살 seu-mul-da-seot sal
1998 26 year old 스물일곱 살 seu-mul-yeo-seot sal
1997 27 year old 스물여덟 살 seu-mul-il-gop sal
1996 28 year old 스물아홉 살 seu-mul-yeo-dul sal
1995 29 year old 서른 살 seu-mul-a-hop sal
1994 30 year old 서른한 살 seo-reun sal
1993 31 year old 서른두 살 seo-reun-han sal
1992 32 year old 서른세 살 seo-reun-du sal
1991 33 year old 서른네 살 seo-reun-se sal
1990 34 year old 서른다섯 살 seo-reun-ne sal
1989 35 year old 서른여섯 살 seo-reun-da-seot sal
1988 36 year old 서른일곱 살 seo-reun-yeo-seot sal
1987 37 year old 서른여덟 살 seo-reun-il-gop sal
1986 38 year old 서른아홉 살 seo-reun-yeo-dul sal
1985 39 year old 마흔 살 seo-reun-a-hop sal
1984 40 year old 마흔한 살 ma-heun sal
1983 41 year old 마흔두 살 ma-heun-han sal
1982 42 year old 마흔세 살 ma-heun-du sal
1981 43 year old 마흔네 살 ma-heun-se sal
1980 44 year old 마흔네 살 ma-heun-ne sal


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