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Find out how long your house will stay after construction. The house age calculator will tell you the predicted age of property that is built with certain building materials. 

Knowing the predicted age of your house lets you better plan renovations or even reconstruction. Whether you are a layman, construction engineer, or any professional, the calculator will certainly be a handy approach for you to look after a house.

The procedure is quite easy & straightforward! 

  • Simply, enter the date of construction of the property
  • Select the type of construction material
  • Tap Calculate to get your house age and lifespan of the material used to build it

Why Know the Age of Your House?

Whether you are a professional, real estate agent, or a house owner, calculating the accurate age of the house is very important & helps in certain official works. These include insurance for both the house and the owner.

Also, knowing the age of the house helps in understanding why owners preferred certain designs to adore their houses over time. Still today, older houses have less energy-efficient systems like HVAC, insulation, and appliances running. And house age lets you plan how you can renovate it according to the remaining age.

The age of house can affect its selling costs. Every other buyer tends to purchase a newly built property and that is why, increasing the age of the house decreases its market value over time.

How Old Is My House?

You can visit the real estate website of your state or locality to find age of house by address. There you will get the following information:

  • APN (Assessor’s Parcel Number)
  • Tax ID Number
  • The exact year in which the house was built (As per Public Facts Section)

What Is the Average Lifespan of a House?

On average, the age of a house is between 50 to 100 years. This lifespan is not the same for every other property. It depends on the construction material. With that, the weather conditions also affect the life of the house.

Houses that are in areas with extreme weather conditions have comparatively shorter lifespans as compared to those in areas with stable environments.

Average Life of Different Construction Materials:

Material Expected Life Span
Cement and Bricks Structure 75-100 years
Stone Structure 150-200 Years
Concrete Structure 50-60 Years
Wooden Structure 100-150 Years


Except for basic materials, you can explore the lives of different household appliances and everything related at

Is It OK to Buy 20 Years Old House?

Yes, of course! A 20-year-old house is not considered too old property. It is good to know that if the house had any structural issues in the past, it might be repaired which also maintains the overall strength of the building.