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Enter your date of birth in the given tool to calculate your lunar age as per the Chinese lunar calendar.

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The lunar age calculator determines how old you are with reference to the Chinese lunar calendar. It considers your actual age (according to the Gregorian calendar) and converts it to the lunar age.

What Is Lunar Age?

Lunar age is the age of a person according to the Chinese Lunar Calendar. This Chinese calendar is based on the cycles of the Moon's phases and has 12 months in a year. Here each month consists of one lunar cycle. Because of the variance in the length of the months and years, the lunar age is different from the chronological age which is based on the Gregorian calendar. 

How To Calculate Lunar Age?

In the Chinese Lunar Calendar, when a new year passes, you are:

  • age + 2

 and if not, then:

  •  age + 1

It shows that your Chinese lunar age depends upon the new year, whether it has passed or not. The time spent in the womb is also counted as a year in the Chinese calendar because the age depends upon the new year instead of the actual date of birth. According to the Chinese birthday calendar, newborns are considered one year old at the time of birth.


Assuming a solar-lunar calendar having 29.5 days in each month and a full-term pregnancy of 10 lunar months. Now how to find the lunar age of someone born on August 28th, 1999, at the current date of August 28th, 2024.


Date of Birth = August 28th, 1999

Difference between the current date and date of birth = Given Year - Birth Year

Years Since Birth = 2024 - 1999 = 25 years

Lunar Age (Years) = Years Since Birth + Full term Pregnancy

Lunar Age (Years) = 25 + 10 months = 25.8 Years = 26 years

As you see, performing manual calculations is a time-consuming task. Instead of doing that try our lunar age calculator and save your valuable time. Simply, input your English (Gregorian) birth date and estimate how old you are according to the lunar calendar in seconds! 


What is The Mother's Lunar Age At Conception?

  • When a mother fell pregnant, determine the lunar age (actual age + 1)
  • Add the result to the months of conception
  • Once you have both of these figures, just 49 + lunar months – the lunar age of conception

Knowing the lunar age of mother when she fell pregnant is considered necessary in the Chinese culture for a better interpretation of the pregnancy calendar. This calendar is also known as Chinese Birth Chart, which helps to figure out what is your Chinese zodiac year.

Why is Lunar Age Important?

Lunar Age is important in various East Asian cultures such as China, Korea, Vietnam, and others. In these cultures, the lunar dates are used in cultural and traditional contexts to know the timing of different festivals and events. 

What is The Difference Between Normal Age and Lunar Age?

In the standard Georgian calendar, each year starts on the 1st of January, and the age is calculated by counting the years from the date of birth to the current date. On the other hand, the Chinese lunar age is calculated differently. In the lunar calendar, the new year does not occur on the 1st of January as we see in the International age system. Instead, it occurs between January and February. It's not considered as the whole year, it just indicates the spring festival and is considered an important factor in calculating one's age in Chinese culture. For instance, if you are born after the Chinese New Year, then you are two years older than you are in the Gregorian calendar. 

What Are The 12 Lunar Years?

In the Chinese Lunar Calendar, the names of years are set according to the names of animals that are derived from Chinese folklore. They are:

  • Rat
  • Ox
  • Tiger
  • Rabbit
  • Dragon
  • Snake
  • Horse
  • Sheep
  • Monkey
  • Rooster
  • Dog
  • Pig