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Enter the date of birth (DOB) to calculate your lunar age.

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Use this lunar age calculator to know how old you are according to the Chinese lunar calendar. Turning the Gregorian calendar age into the corresponding age in the traditional lunar calendar is only a few clicks away with our calculator. Let’s find:

  1. Enter the date of birth and reference the lunar date in the given fields
  2. Click Calculate & get your lunar age

How to Calculate Lunar Age?

To calculate the lunar age, you need to follow the points given below:

  1. If the Chinese New Year has passed, your lunar age is “Actual age + 2
  2. And if not, your lunar age will be “Actual Age + 1


Suppose you were born on May 05, 1990:

Your actual age (years) = 2024 - 1990

Your actual age (years) = 34 years

Let's compare it with the Chinese calendar!

  • For the lunar calendar 2023, this date falls on January 22
  • The lunar calendar 2024 falls on February 10

As it is clear that January 01, 2024, comes before the Chinese New Year 2024, we will add 1 to the actual age in years.

Lunar age = 34 +1 = 35 years

Applications of Lunar Age Calculator:

The calculator supports various real-life applications, including:

  • Personal Interest: People may use this tool to know their lunar age for different fun purposes, including exploring various cultural traditions, etc.
  • Understanding Birthdays: Celebrating a baby’s birthday holds special importance in most Asian countries. That’s why, the calculator can help parents plan when to celebrate the lunar birthdays of their young ones.
  • Zodiac Compatibility: Lunar age calculations can help to associate personality traits with zodiac signs and let you compare your personality with others based on those signs.
  • Cultural Conversations: Calculating the lunar age can help people communicate with one another according to their age which helps to bridge cultural gaps and show respect for traditions.
  • Astrological Calculations: Many astrologers use the lunar cycles in their practice for determining a person’s lunar zodiac sign for astrological readings.


  • The calculator considers only one date (Chinese New Year) to determine your lunar age. It does not support any difference in dates that occur due to lunar birthday celebrations on a specific lunar day instead of New Year.
  • Different cultures have different lunar calendars (Like Islamic or Hebrew), so it is not guaranteed that the tool will satisfy calculations as per all of them.
  • The results of the tool rely on historical calendars and records that might make calculations somehow less accurate

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